Oral Care

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DenTek Temparin Max Repair Lost Fillings and Loose Caps 5+ Repairs (Pack of 2)

:cover those lost or loose dental crowns or fillings with dentek's temparin max. this product is mad e to cover any lost or missing crown or filling until you can get to your dentist. fillings can come loose over time and come off without warning. don ...more

Fish Pond

Oral-B Interdental Brush Kit Plus 2 Refills

general for effective cleaning around bridges , braces, & wide interdental spaces. easy to use snap lock head holds brush firmly in place indications contains one tapered bruch head and one cylindrical brush ...more

Cut Price Pharmacy

Oral B Professional Care 3000 Power

Oral B Professional Care 3000 Power...more


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Hills Science Diet Oral Care 12kg

hill's™ science diet™ adult oral care dog food provides precisely balanced nutrition for dental and complete health. it’s clinically proven kibble technology reduces plaque and t artar in adult dogs, as well as proven antioxidant ...more


Miessence Mint Toothpaste

cleanse and brighten your teeth with bicarb soda, known for being tough on stains. freshens your bre ath and maintains healthy teeth and gums. miessence toothpastes do not contain fluoride, aluminium, artificial sweeteners or detergents. this product ...more

The Organic Beauty Shop

Weleda Sage Gum Balm 30ml

free shipping. 100% money back guarantee. weleda sage gum balm has the following features: the mild sage gum balm is a holistic care gel for the strengthening of the gums. it makes the gums more res istant and prevents bleeding and inflammation. ex ...more

Cosme-De Net

Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel Vanilla Mint 59ml

oral care is about more than making your pets\u2019 smiles sparkle\u2014it\u2019s an important compo nent of their overall health. in fact, 80% of dogs begin to show signs of oral disease by age 3. our fresh breath clean teeth oral care gel vanilla mi ...more

The Vet Shed

Tepe Interdental Brush - Pk 8

tepe interdental brush - pk 8 ...more

Fairway Dental

Science Diet Cat - Feline Oral Care Adult, 1-6 years

Science Diet Cat - Feline Oral Care Adult, 1-6 years...more


Nylabone Oral Care Adult Dental

Nylabone Oral Care Adult Dental...more


MAM Teaching Toothbrush Set 6m+ Pink

mam teaching toothbrush set 6m+ pink ...more


Berringa Medi Bioactive 450MGO Oral Care Honey 50g

Berringa Medi Bioactive 450MGO Oral Care Honey 50g...more



Petkin LIQUID ORAL CARE - PETS 240mL...more


Hills Dog Oral Care 2kg

Hills Dog Oral Care 2kg...more


Hills Feline Oral Care ( 5 Kg )

hills science diet adult oral care cat food provides precisely balanced nutrition with enhanced oral care benefits. it is made with high quality ingredients and an ideal combination of nutrients and c linically proven antioxidants for superior overall ...more

Boomerang Pet Food

Oral-b Professional Care Electric Toothbrush

oral-b professional care electric toothbrush removes up to 2x more plaque than a regular manual toot hbrushgentle on teeth and gums with a visible pressure indicator, that lights up when brushing too h ardremoves surface stains for naturally whiter tee ...more

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Hill's Science Diet Canine Oral Care 2kg

Hill's Science Diet Canine Oral Care 2kg...more


3 Sets of Replacement Toothbrush Heads

comes in 3 sets(12 pcs) compatible with oral b triumph ...more