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8 Piece Zoo Animals Sound Puzzle by Melissa & Doug

listen to the voices of eight favorite wild animals when the puzzle pieces are correctly placed in t he puzzle board. each animal piece has a matching full-color picture beneath. eye- and ear-catching puzzle enhances matching and listening skills. ...more

Toy Playhouse

Unicorns Glow in the Dark Puzzles by Mudpuppy 100pc 5+

unicorns glow in the dark puzzles by mudpuppy 100pc 5+ ...more

Romantic Flair Original


these puzzles offer more than just solving pleasure: they're also works of art! that's because every time you successfully complete a diagram, you also draw a picture. along the top and left side of t he grid are numbers that refer to the columns and ...more

Fish Pond

Ravensburger - Giant Vehicles Puzzle 3x49pc

for over 100 years children have loved our puzzles: with the ideal sizes, piece counts, and images f or every age. our high quality using sustainable materials is wold renowned. ravensburger puzzles te ach children valuable skills while making learning ...more

Grace Baby Products Pty Ltd

Backgammon Game Set

a classic game that has been around for centuries with mass appeal for young and old. this backgammo n set comes in a self-contained carry case for travel or storage. set comes complete with dice, and movers. game suitable for 2 players. 16. ...more


Alphabet Matching Puzzles

these 26 two-piece puzzles are delightfully illustrated with animals and objects that are familiar t o young students yet are not the usual abc pictures. the puzzles are helpful in letter/word recognit ion and alphabetizing. ...more

Ed Resources Pty Ltd

Galt - 4 Puzzles in a Box -Vehicles

Galt - 4 Puzzles in a Box -Vehicles...more


Infantino Colours & Shapes Puzzles

Infantino Colours & Shapes Puzzles...more

Baby Village

Enuoartoon Wonderful Three Dimensional Toy 1/144 00 HG 49 Gaddess Gundam Puzzles Model

Enuoartoon Wonderful Three Dimensional Toy 1/144 00 HG 49 Gaddess Gundam Puzzles Model...more


Coaster Games - Trivia, Puzzles, Games & Teasers

Coaster Games - Trivia, Puzzles, Games & Teasers...more


Electronic Musical Drum Sticks

electronic musical drum sticksmusical rock beat rhythm electronic drum sticks ideal for young kids a nd old kids alike and giving everyone a cool way to improve their drumming skills. 1) set of 2 elect ronic drumsticks creates a unique techno beat, cra ...more

Savings Direct

Andzee - Aboriginal Art Serpent Puzzle 24pc

andzee - aboriginal art serpent puzzle 24pc ...more

Toy Galaxy

Dora The Explorer - Four In One Tray Jigsaw Puzzles

Dora The Explorer - Four In One Tray Jigsaw Puzzles...more


Toddler Puzzles Chelona Discovery Safari

these beautiful wooden puzzles from 'chelona' are perfect for your childs first introduction to the world of puzzles. each of the 9 pieces has a little wooden handle to make it easy for little ha nds that are still developing co ordination and de ...more

Thats 2 Cute

Vilac New York 3 Wood Puzzles by Nathalie Lete

"vilac new york 3 wood puzzles by nathalie lete is another set of puzzles by the french toy maker vi lac. its aim is to develop logical thinking and educate children on famous location in new york &nbs p;     features:   - includes brook ...more

Mother and Baby Shop

Artist puzzle Set Ken Zyila 2 x 500 pc Puzzles

each set has two 500-piece 61 x 46 cm puzzles with four bonus 22 x 27 cm colouring pages, all by a f eatured artist. a. ken zyila 47482b. tricia reilly-matthews 47274-only $9.90 delivery and insur ance for delivery within australia per order, rega ...more

Four Puzzles in A Box - Vehicles

Four Puzzles in A Box - Vehicles...more

I Spy Baby

Set of 12 small wire puzzles for Christmas Crackers - assorted

Set of 12 small wire puzzles for Christmas Crackers - assorted...more

Mr Puzzle