Water Filters & Ionisers

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ALPS Water Filter Magnetic Tap & Faucet

magnetic water faucet: the magnet helps to restore the water's natural energy and balance and a lso micro clusters the water for optimal hydration.compatible with nikken pimag & nikken pimag 10 wa ter systems (not compatible with nikken pimag wate ...more

Inspire Me Naturally

1800lph aquarium fish tank external canister water filter w/ uv bulb

aquarium external canister filter 1800l/h the external canister filter features all-round superior capability including mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. sitting on the rim of the aquar ium, the intake tube draws water into the filter a ...more

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Cleansui Guzzini Water Filter Jug Red 54008

cleansui guzzini water filter jug red 54008 ...more

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Traveler's Friend - Citrus Seed Extract

imagine traveling to any part of the world without concerning yourself about drinking the water. now there is a natural way to help protect yourself against so many of the common problems associated w ith travel. instructions: 3-5 drops in a 250ml gla ...more

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Durand Water Filter Candle

Durand Water Filter Candle...more


Sunbeam Brita Water Filter & Chiller - Model # WF6005

Sunbeam Brita Water Filter & Chiller - Model # WF6005...more

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LASCO 37-1821 Ice Maker Inline Filter with 0.6cm Compression Connexion, 5.1cm x 25cm

:lasco 37-1821 ice maker inline filter, 5.1cm diameter x 25cm , 0.6cm od compression connexion. inli ne ice maker filter. 0.6cm compression connexion fittings. 5.1cm x 25cm . use to filter taste in wat er. filters 7570.8ls. use to filter taste in water ...more

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Water Bottle Pre-Filter : SteriPEN

Water Bottle Pre-Filter : SteriPEN...more


Fisher & Paykel Fridge Water Filter 836848 836860

Fisher & Paykel Fridge Water Filter 836848 836860...more


Heller Water Filter Cooler - WFC5 **Limited Stock**

8.5l water capacity75 watts powertap for chilled waterfast cooling systemcarbon & resin filtration s ystemremovable cup with spill guardfiltered cartridge life is 150 litresreplacement filters (wf3) ar e sold separately ...more

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Aquarium Water Filter Fish Tank Maintenance Cleaner Battery Opera...

Aquarium Water Filter Fish Tank Maintenance Cleaner Battery Opera......more


Dynamic Power Oil / Water Separator Trap Mini Filter Air Tools

Dynamic Power Oil / Water Separator Trap Mini Filter Air Tools...more

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Oppon Health Care Digital Filter Water TDS Meter Tester

Oppon Health Care Digital Filter Water TDS Meter Tester...more


Waterco Cartridge Filter CC100 - Pool and Spa Products

• high impact polypropylene • easy lock-ring system for easy maintenance • one-piece injection moulded tank • comes complete with quick connect unions on both in and out connections • 10 yea r conditional warranty ...more

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Alkaway - Alkapod water alkaliser & ioniser replacement filter

alkapod water alkaliser filter employs 13 energising and purifying minerals including tourmaline, ze olite and maifanshi stone and have been scientifically combined to give the optimal effect to the so urce water. the filter should be replaced when ne ...more

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Bagless Water Filter Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner 1400W

bringing innovation to your daily cleaning, this vacuum cleaner has a water filter. it has a dust ca pacity of 4.5l and strong suction for both wet and dry areas. replace your dusty and traditional vac uum cleaner with this new technology that utilises ...more

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Fuel Water Filter - Sierra (S18-7944)

Fuel Water Filter - Sierra (S18-7944)...more

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Aquaport 2.5L Water Filter Jug with 500ml & 70...

aquaport 2.5l water filter jug with 500ml & 70... ...more

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